Haofan Biotech was identified as an innovative headquarters enterprise in Suzhou
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Time :2022-12-01
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2022 Suzhou City Headquarters Enterprise Proposed List Announcement

15 companies in the high-tech zone successfully made the list

The number ranks among the top in the city

Haofan Biotech was successfully shortlisted



Suzhou Haofan Biological Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2003, mainly engaged in peptide synthesis reagents, molecular building blocks,

Protein crosslinkers, unnatural amino acids, liposomes

R&D, production and sales of high-end biological reagents.

Our company is a national high-tech enterprise with strong research and development strength.

Established Jiangsu Province Protein Crosslinking Agent Engineering Technology Research Center,

Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Jiangsu Postgraduate Workstation,

Currently, 23 valid invention patents have been obtained.

With its technical accumulation in the field of organic synthesis, Haofan Bio

And nearly 20 years of experience in the field of peptide synthesis reagents,

Through a professional and high-standard process development system,

Now it has become the supplier of peptide synthesis reagents with the largest supply and the most complete varieties in China.

It also enjoys a high reputation internationally.

As a key piece to activate the global economy

Recognition of headquartered enterprises

It is the most direct affirmation of the development potential of our company

"Registration voting" of headquarters enterprises

It also indirectly explains the role of Haofan Biotech in

Comprehensive competitiveness in talent investment, R&D innovation, etc.

up to now

A total of 38 municipal-level headquarters enterprises have been recognized in the high-tech zone

These headquarters companies are mainly concentrated in

Intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine and other fields

It has the characteristics of large volume, high technology and high added value

Thank you for the great support from the government

Haofan will continue to work hard

Contribute to economic development

| Information source: Released by Suzhou High-tech Zone

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