IPO and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange
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Time :2023-07-12
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On 12th July

Suzhou Highfine Biotech Co., Ltd.

was listed on the "Growth Enterprise Board" of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

in the form of " opening bell on internet"

At the opening of the market

Highfine Biotech opened at 110.01 yuan, an increase of 62.54%

Welcome to a "good start" for listing



Issue overview

Stock abbreviation : Highfine Biotech

Stock code : 301393

Issue price : 67.68 yuan/share

Issued quantity : 27 million shares

Suzhou Highfine Biotech Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2003, Suzhou Highfine Biotech Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Suzhou High-tech Zone. It is a leading company in domestic polypeptide synthetic reagents. It provides special raw materials for global pharmaceutical R&D and production enterprises. After nearly 20 years of deep cultivation, Highfine Biotech has formed a product system with polypeptide synthetic reagents, supplemented by general -purpose molecular blocks and protein reagents. Follow the direction of global drug research and development, and actively lay out in the area of high value-added and high -barriers such as lipids and lipid nanometer drugs and nucleotide reagents.


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▲District Leader Zhang Ying

· Zhang Ying said·

In recent years, the high-tech zone has continuously deepened and strengthened the listing cultivation plan, refined and strengthened the listing service system, and comprehensively created a good ecosystem for serving enterprises to go public. It is hoped that Highfine will take the opportunity to continue targeting cutting-edge technologies in the industry, accelerate the construction of innovation consortia, and focus on breaking through a group of " bottleneck" problems. The high -tech zone will further improve policy measures, improve the service system, optimize the development environment, support enterprises to go public serve listed enterprises, and help enterprises deeply cultivate, bigger and stronger.


▲Zhu Yong, chairman and general manager of Haofan Biotech

· Zhu Yong said·

Highfine has continuously improved its brand -quality product supply, excellent quality and services, high -efficiency and stable production capacity, and fast market response capabilities, brand awareness and market share in the subdivided fields. By leveraging the capital market platform and implementing fundraising projects, we will continue to enhance our corporate strength, make more contributions to the pharmaceutical industry, and give back to society with better results.

The successful listing of Highfine Biotech

Can't do without the effort of everyone

Thank you for your long-term support and effort

We will live up to our original intentions and move forward

Give back to society with better results

Part of the content is excerpted from "Published by Suzhou High-tech Zone"

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